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Introducing #MyEpilepsySDStory

The Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County launches a new platform on International Epilepsy Day 2024 to collect and share personal epilepsy stories.

We’re excited to mark International Epilepsy Day 2024 with the launch of #MyEpilepsySDStory, our new, year-round initiative that provides a platform for people in San Diego who are impacted by epilepsy to share their experience, and to see it alongside testimonies from others in the county affected by epilepsy.

Sharing our stories and seeing them together has healing and transformative power. Anyone who lives in San Diego County and is impacted by epilepsy is welcome to submit their story through our #MyEpilepsySDStory form. Once reviewed for appropriateness, submitted stories are added to the #MyEpilepsySDStory collection.

“It’s so important and special for me to have a community where I feel understood, and at the same time, feel I can help and support others,” shared Lisa, a member of EFSDC’s community who often attends our free, virtual monthly support groups. Lisa’s story is one of three narratives already available to read in our #MyEpilepsySDStory collection.

“Meeting friends and other people with epilepsy has made me feel less alone.”

If you have epilepsy, or are a parent, caretaker, relative, friend, teacher or coworker of someone who lives with epilepsy, your experience has meaning—especially to those who feel pressure to mask their journey. If we can speak and carry our truths together, we can shape a world that enables everyone impacted by epilepsy to thrive. Add your story to our collection today!