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School Nurse Training

In coordination with the San Diego Department of Education, Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County provides trainings to school nurses interested in learning how to assist students experiencing seizures. 

Trainings are available in person and on Zoom. To schedule, please contact Kelley Grimes, MSW at kelley@epilepsysandiego.org or (619) 296-0161 ext. 102.

Participants will learn:

  • The impact of seizures on learning and behavior.
  • Current treatment options and their side effects.
  • Simple strategies for creating a more positive and supportive environment.
  • Critical issues related to medication administration.
  • Key components of a seizure action plan.
  • Appropriate first aid for all seizure types.
  • The essential elements of seizure training for school personnel.
  • Steps you can take now to help maximize educational and developmental opportunities for students with seizures.

District & School Plan Connection:

The Managing Students with Seizures program addresses the LCAP priority area of Student Engagement (School Attendance Rates).

Each participant will receive free workshop materials.

CEU units are available.