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What is Project

The Project UPLIFT program is an evidence-based, 8 week program using mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Participants must commit to 1 hour, weekly group sessions where they will learn many valuable skills that have been shown to improve depression, psychological well-being and quality of life in people living with epilepsy.


8 group Zoom sessions over an 8-week period Zoom sessions last one hour


Adults with epilepsy

(5-7 participants per Zoom group)


For more information about this program, please contact Lori Bonfiglio.


Lori Bonfiglio

Project UPLIFT Facilitator

Lori Bonfiglio has been volunteering and working with the epilepsy community for over five years and has a son living with epilepsy. She was the Program Coordinator with the Epilepsy Foundation Greater Los Angeles for over two years and an active volunteer prior to that. Currently, as a trained UPLIFT facilitator, she facilitates Project UPLIFT groups working with individuals through the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County.