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What is Project

The Project UPLIFT program is an evidence-based, 8 week program using mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Participants must commit to 1 hour, weekly group sessions where they will learn many valuable skills that have been shown to improve depression, psychological well-being and quality of life in people living with epilepsy.


8 group Zoom sessions over an 8-week period. Zoom sessions last one hour.


Adults with epilepsy

(5-7 participants per Zoom group)


For more information about this program, please contact Devin Xayasomloth, MSW, LCSW, Programs and Client Servies Manager at devin@epilepsysandiego.org.


Lori Bonfiglio

Project UPLIFT Facilitator

Lori Bonfiglio has been volunteering and working with the epilepsy community for over five years and has a son living with epilepsy. She was the Program Coordinator with the Epilepsy Foundation Greater Los Angeles for over two years and an active volunteer prior to that. Currently, as a trained UPLIFT facilitator, she facilitates Project UPLIFT groups working with individuals through the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County.