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What is Project

Project UPLIFT (Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favorable Thoughts) is an 8-week home-based depression treatment program designed for adults with epilepsy. UPLIFT is delivered virtually on Zoom by a trained mental health facilitator and by a person with epilepsy. The program combines proven techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with mindfulness. The goal of mindfulness is to help people change their relationship to their thoughts by viewing thoughts as passing events that do not necessarily represent reality.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?
CBT is a form of psychotherapy that teaches individuals new ways to manage their thoughts and feelings. It focuses on internal (e.g., looking at problems, thinking about yourself and others, and thinking about personal beliefs) and external changes (problem-solving skills, stress management, communication skills, life management skills, and skill to develop and maintain relationships). In addition, unlike medication, CBT provides skills that remain after the treatment ends.


April 2–May 21, 2024
1:00–2:00 PM


Adults with epilepsy

(5-7 participants per Zoom group)


+Increased knowledge and skills
+Reduced symptoms of depression
+Increased satisfaction with life


For more information about this program, please contact Sarah Waters, Programs Manager at sarah@epilepsysandiego.org or (619) 296-0161 ext. 103.