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Epilepsy Education Conference


July 30, 2022

9:00am – 12:00pm
$25 Individual Registration


The Academy of Our Lady of Peace

4860 Oregon St, San Diego, CA 92116


Learn about new research; emerging technologies & treatment options; and medicine & therapies to manage seizures. Explore epilepsy through overcoming change with hope. Valuable information for adults, teens and seniors with epilepsy; parents of children with epilepsy; caregivers; family members; medical professionals; teachers; school personnel and the community.
Even if you are unable to attend, you can register to receive a complete recording of the webinar following the conference.

Ed Conference Agenda 2021

What did the attendees say after participating in last year’s Epilepsy Education Conference?

“Absolutely fantastic! Well done! Thank you!”
“I participated in the virtual conference and enjoyed it immensely.  I wasn’t planning on listening to all the speakers but found it so interesting I stayed on to hear all the speakers.  Congratulations on a job very well done!”
“Thank you for having the conference on the computer. I was able to attend, listen and learn that way because I am not able to physically attend a conference. It was very interesting to learn of all of the advances. When I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, the MRI did not exist and now I learn of the future possibility of operating without cutting the skull. It was a well planned conference covering important topics and allowing questions and with good, interesting speakers. My thanks to all who worked to make it possible.”
“Fantastic keynote today, thank you!! It is always a pleasure to hear you [Dr. Jerry Shih] speak. I always learn new things and in fact took screen shots of several of the wearable devices in case they might be advantageous for my daughter.”
“I particularly enjoyed Dr Chyung’s piece about COVID 19.”
“Wonderful presenters [Dr. Mark Nespeca and Dr. Jeffrey Gold] – although they had a short time to present, they covered a lot in a succinct and concise manner.”
“Great [medication] overview; [Kim Tallian, PharmD] covered all the AEDs; many presenters on the topic don’t talk about recently approved drugs, but she did.”
“Good overview of Dravet drugs!”
“[Dr. Marc Norman] Did a great job explaining how the brain changes as one ages.”
 “I had brain surgery and my memory was ruined. He [Dr. Marc Norman] suggested a new few ways to improve it.”
“Both speakers [Lauren Giardina, J.D. and Dr. Jim Grisolia] provided great information – Dr Grisolia tied in all the key issues going on today. I am happy to hear work is being done to educate police officers; very much needed in light of recent events.” – Anonymous
“GREAT panelists [Ashley Yates, Carlos Medina and Morgan Saltamachio]- please thank them for sharing their stories.”
“All 3 [panelists] shared unique perspectives about the impact of epilepsy on their lives; each complemented one another which made it that more interesting.”
“Absolutely wonderful to hear from patients [people living with epilepsy]!!”
“Thanks [Dr. Lee Rice] for your inspiring and beautiful closing remarks. Such a perfect tone.

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